Shazam! 【2019】 Full Movie Online HD released in the United States on April 5, 2019. Shazam! (David Sandberg) DC Comics most hero (Zachary Levi, Djimon Hounsou, Mark Strong). “Shazam online HD movie” a film produced by Warner Bros, will premiere on April and more details of the new superhero of the DC Universe are provided. Thus, it was announced how long this new movie will last.

Both the application and the Fandango web portal have revealed that the duration of Shazam! It will be 2 hours and 12 minutes.

As recalled Batman vs. Superman: The beginning of justice (2016) was the most extensive film of the DC franchise, with 3 hours and 3 minutes, which exceeded Batman: The knight of the night ascends (2012).

Shazam! recounts the adventures of Billy Baxton, which is played by Angel Asher. Baxton is chosen by a mythological force to make his body and mind a new hero by giving him abilities similar to Superman.

This new task will not be so easy for the man who will have to learn to use his new powers facing difficult challenges. Under the direction of David F. Sandberg, filming of the film began on January 29 and officially ended on May 11 between 2017-2018.

Billy Batson, an orphan boy, encounters a power that allows him to become the strongest mortal on the planet with a single word. That is the plot that moves to ‘Shazam!’, The first film about the superhero of DC that has its premiere scheduled for April, but from which we already have the first reactions.

“Shazam” Box Office

Everything would point out that the film would make a new success for the studio. And is that after questioned and trashed tapes like ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Justice League’, the studio with Warner Bros seem to have found the perfect formula to continue the streak that began with ‘Wonder Woman’ and continued with ‘Aquaman’ .

This is at least confirmed by the first impressions that critics expressed through social networks after being invited to the previous functions. While some have highlighted the humorous dye that bathes the film, other criticisms refer to a remarkable performance of Zachary Levi in ​​his role as Shazam.

“Shazam is a super-powerful version of” Big “and I loved every second of it.It’s a colorful, vibrant and vital addition to the DCEU.Vivid action driven by the characters, meaningful relationships and fully won and satisfying emotional moments.Super fun.Super exciting Super amazing! “Wrote Courtney Howard, Variety freelancer and The Wrap.

“Shazam was almost perfect for me, by far it’s my favorite movie from DC (…) Pure in heart, incredibly funny, full of internal jokes and references, it gave me a childlike joy when I saw it.” The role was made for Zachary Levi and Jack and Asher and the whole cast, “said Ash Crossan of Entertainment Tonight.

“Shazam is another hit for DC Sure, there’s the humor and action you’d expect from a superhero movie, but Shazam stands out because of the emotional and family history at its center.” He had some minor issues with the hero villain aspects, but the family thing is dynamic and powerful, “said Germain Lussier of IO9.

Warner has released the hare of Shazam! and the embargo has been lifted so that the critics can talk about the film after having attended the first press passes. After several months in which the news about the new DC movie came to us with dropper, and in which the fans have had to beg a trailer that has arrived by fascicles, we can finally say that reactions of the movie directed by David F Sandberg.

And in general the reactions are being tremendously positive, pointing out that the film does not look like any of the DC productions to date. To draw a resemblance within the universe of DC point to the films of Superman by Christopher Reeve and outside the genre of superheroes, the classics of Amblin of the 80s for his characteristic sense of humor and his vision of the world from the eyes of a teenager, something very typical of films like Regreso al Futuro or Los Goonies to name a few.

Critics praise the work of David F. Sandberg and the interpretation of Zachary Levi.

Many of the specialists agree that Jack Dylan Grazer’s Freddy Freeman will win over the audience with his enormous knowledge of the world of superheroes. These reactions do not do more than put our teeth argos and burn in desires that Shazam! come to our cinemas to be able to enjoy on the big screen of the DC movie.

Shazam! will arrive in our cinemas in less than a month, on April 5. Until then we will have to wait to see Zachary Levi face Doctor Sivana by Mark Strong.